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ZOOM Meetings

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

[POST UPDATED 3/28/2021]

Zoom Meetings:

ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM - [eastern standard time]

Zoom instructions: 1. Click on or enter the Zoom link: 2. Click "Download" if you don't have the app already 3. Click on "Join Meeting"

There are Member Sponsored Zoom meetings for the following times.

Mon-Wed-Fri & Saturday 10am - Zoom Meeting ID: 613-176-453 - No password needed. Questions or issues for this member sponsored meeting should be directed to Maureen @ 313-410-3734 -

Tues & Thurs Noon Zoom: ID: 864 6076 5351 Password is Thunder (effective 9/24/2020) Monday and Wednesday ONLY    7:00 PM    (beginning 3/29/2021)

ID#  844-9410-4886 No password needed.

**Make sure your audio (Speaker) is on when/if you care to share or during the Lord's Prayer at the end, if host requests. **Meetings are for 1 hour at a time.

Thanks everyone for your patience while we work the kinks out and will try to add more meetings as we go.

AA ZOOM Meetings: [CLICK HERE] for a list of other AA Zoom Meetings, times and Passwords. (this list was shared with us 3/2020 - be advised that some dates and times may have changed, this is not a list published by the FAC).

For anyone unable to attend meetings, here is a list of few online meetings.


FOR ANYONE INTERESTED: For anyone interested in The Benchmark Sunday morning service, their services will be held via Zoom by to church's web site: and then click on the ARROW SYMBOL in the UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER, and it will automatically connect to the zoom sermon. You may also find the service on YouTube [HERE]

(post updated: 2/11/2021)



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